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bunny books

The most thoughtful
gift for new parents

A collection of very special stories written for little people, with psychological strategies to help parents. The Bunny Books have each been written based on different techniques to help new parents with common problems that arise, equipping them with what they need to step into parenthood happily and powerfully.

Discover the psychology inside the bunny books

  • introduction

    Bunny Books Introductory Film

  • bunny floats

    Christine Barnes - Clinical Psychologist

  • bunny wears gumboots

    Hilary Lindgren - General Psychologist

  • bunny finds home

    Lindsay Perlman - General Psychologist

  • run bunny run

    Lettitia Gorgas - General Psychologist


How can these books help me?


Bunny can’t sleep…
She lies in bed and no matter what, she just can’t seem to drift off. So, Bunny asks Big Yellow Moon for help and he takes her on a far-away journey into dreamland.

discover the
power of gratitude

It’s raining and Bunny is blue…
But her friend, Little Cloud, shows her how wonderful it is to say thank you for the special things she has and she discovers that rainy days are amazing.

control anxiety
and fear

Bunny wakes up lost and lonely in the forest and she’s so far from home… But Little Star helps her relax and discover that things really aren’t so scary but actually new friends in disguise.

overcome low

Bunny doesn’t want to run…
But her friend, Bright Shiny Sun, encourages her to take little steps to discover how great it is to get outside and exercise!

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