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Bun in the Oven

This November, we are encouraging the community to come together, connect, and host an event (face to face or virtual) or bake in support of Gidget Foundation Australia.

This year has been challenging for many. Imagine expecting a baby or bringing a baby into the world during a pandemic. Physical distancing and the loss of their ‘village’ has increased anxiety in expectant and new parents. Gidget Foundation Australia has seen an 80% increase in people accessing our service. Your support and community connection have never been more needed, or important.

We understand COVID-19 has changed the way we do many things, so this year we are inviting you to participate in one of three ways:

Bun in the Oven Baker: Get the family together to bake some wonderfully delightful treats. You can show your support by sharing your fundraising page and asking for donations.

Bun in the Oven Event Host: Whether it’s a small event with your family, friends or colleagues, host your very own COVID safe Bun in the Oven event and raise funds for Gidget Foundation Australia.

Bun in the Oven Virtual Host: Virtual events are so 2020! Why not gather your friends for a video call with a tea and sweet treat in hand. Share your fundraising page for guests to make a donation.

It’s time to get creative and put the ‘fun’ back into fundraising. We have some amazing resources to get you started! Gidget Foundation Australia and all the expectant and new parents we support need your help this year more than ever.



Bun in the Oven Resources

Once you have registered your Bun in the Oven, we have all you need to make this an event to remember! Below you will find some great resources to help you along the way.



“Struggling with adjustment issues after the arrival of my second child, I wanted to do something positive and help other families who may be feeling the same.

This was my first attempt at hosting a fundraiser and I decided to go all out – styling, catering, goodie bags, a raffle and even an auction of items generously donated by local businesses.

With my nerves settling as guests arrived, I briefly relayed my story before handing over to a Gidget Foundation representative who kindly told us all a little more about the Foundation’s establishment and work.

Thanks to social media, my network and the Gidget Foundation providing signage and brochures, I successfully hosted my inaugural Bun in the Oven event, raising just under $3,500. Before the morning was over, many guests, including some I didn’t even know personally, had already asked if I will be doing it again next year; my answer, yes!”



Nicole Ganz
Bun In The Oven Host

If you have any questions or require additional support for your Bun In The Oven event, do not hesitate to contact: fundraising@gidgetfoundation.org.au

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