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“This artwork represents the story, mission, and values of Gidget Foundation Australia. The middle of the artwork represents the core of the Foundation, with the surrounding circles representing all our values — we are connected and our lines never break.
All the dots outside of the values represent all the people the Gidget Foundation has supported, is currently supporting and everyone we hope to support in the future.

Dots of all different colours and sizes; this acknowledges how diverse and unique we are. We all belong.” (Rheanna Lotter)

Gidget Foundation Australia is proud to launch a collaboration with proud Yuin woman, and Artist, Rheanna Lotter, during National Reconciliation Week 2021.

To mark our 20 year anniversary, our gerbera has been reimagined to coincide with our commitment to greater diversity as an organisation, at a time when we reflect on our history, as well as our future.

As an organisation, we are striving for greater awareness, recognition, and education of the impact that PNDA has on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

It is our hope to contribute to improved health outcomes and greater access to support for expectant and new parents within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

The Gidget Gerbera artwork created by Rheanna Lotter represents our story, mission, and values, and the diversity of our team, Clinicians, supporters, volunteers, and the wider community, as well as the expectant and new parents we support.